Section A The search for meaning and values.

I am attaching a selection of relevant reading material for this section. Please use it as a guide to assist you with your learning.:-)

aristotle_-_explained  Good explanation of Aristotle

Helpful information to differenciate between the two. Atheism and Agnosticism summary

concepts_of_god  Different viewpoints

God and the Person ppt 4.1 This is a powerpoint presentation

how_the_universe_was_created. Big bang versus Genesis

humanism summary The idea that all a person needs to be complete is present in the person.

plato essay example only  Do Not plagiarise please

Plato’s The Cave, some revision questions. Can you answer the questions??

religious_interpretaions_of_life How people interpret faith and practice

search for meaning and values …summary revised   Excellent resource

The Development of philosophy, three stages. A common exam question.


what_is_divine_revelation images