JC Religion Journal 2017

As a group most of you have decided to do the following Journal Title. Focussing on the Ramadan in the Muslim faith.

2.c: A case study on the ways that a time of religious importance is marked each year by the members of one of the religions listed above.

I will post several links here over the coming weeks of clips and articles which you are required to watch or read as part of your research. This is extra work required on top of the work we do together in class. No slacking please 🙂

The following is a short RTE documentary on what Ramadan seems to Muslims living in Ireland.

RTE, Hungry for God.

Next is a version more suitable for primary school children but still valuable.

Ramadan for children

Ramadan_RS This is the power point we used in class.

_The_holy_month_of_Ramadan Second PPT that we used.



Section C: Interfaith dialogue

LETTER OF JOHN PAUL II TO ALL THE HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD AND DECALOGUE OF ASSISI FOR PEACE  A good Vatican document about Interfaith dialogue. Point 2 is particularly useful is you were writing an essay.

Interfaith dialogue

Links to Christian-Muslim and Interreligious Dialogue, internationally Not covered very well in your text books. Have a read of this it will help.

Christian, Muslim interfaith Dialogue


Considered to be the worst period in Irish History. I am including quite a lot of extra reading for you all here.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNWAx-M4IUA This is a short video clip which is of some help.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evtEDIQSwvc Watch this one. Excuse the language.

Leaving Cert RE, Section B: Christianity

Life in Palestine at the time of Jesus:








roman_and_jewish_conflict_with_jesus (1)


The Life of Christ:






Killing Jesus This is excellent. Watch it and learn..

Early Christian Communities:

The birthday of the Christian Church, Pentecost.

The First Christian Communities



Modern Response to Christianity:





Dermot Lane, An Essay on Christology this is a link to google books, the pages you require are 18/19. It is crucial that if you quote him (and you should) that you mention his book. For example:

In his book the Reality of Jesus Dermot Lane states ‘a low ascending Christology reinstates the mystery of Jesus Christ’.

You only need to give the Full name ie: Dermot Lane the first time you quote him after that it is simply surname only ie: Lane states.



People in History essays: Junior Cert revision.

Ladies, here are the people in history essay revision guides I promised you.  They are broken into groups for you by year of study.  If I have forgotten any (and I am sure I have) just let me know.

Ms. Govern

First year:

  • Archaeologist:

Archeologist on a dig


  • Ancient Ireland:

A monk in an early Christian monastery in Ireland


  • Ancient Rome:


A person living in a NAMED civilisation OUTSIDE of Ireland


  • The Middle Ages:

A knight in a medieval castle.

A Medieval Craftsman

The lord or lady of a medieval castle.

Serf on a Manor


  • The Renaissance:

A named Renaissance scientist

A named Renaissance artist from outside Italy

A named Renaissance artist from Italy

A named Rennaissance Writer


Second Year

  • Age of Exploration:

A named leader on a voyage of exploration

A sailor on a voyage of discovery


  • Reformation:

A named religious reformer (at the time of the Reformation)


  • The Plantations:

A settler who received land in a named plantation

A native Irish landowner who lost land in a named plantation


  • The Age of Revolutions:

A named leader in a revolution – Wolfe Tone

A named leader in a revolution – George Washington


  • From farm to Factory:

A factory or mine owner during the Industrial Revolution

A farm labourer in industrial England

A worker in an English city in 1850


Third Year

  • Political Developments in 20th Century Ireland

A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland, 1960-85

A named leader in the struggle for Irish independence. Micheal Collins

A Unionist living in Ulster around 1912

A person living in Southern or Northern Ireland during the war years


  • Social Change in 20th Century Ireland:

An old person describing change in Ireland


  • International Relations in the 20th Century:

A soldier in World War II specifically D Day.