Humanism: Karl Marx

Some extra reading on Karl Marx below. The NCCA document is particularly useful.

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Karl Marx video clip 

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This is a sample essay to assist you. Do Not plagiarise. Use it as an extra resourse.

That’s Humanism by Stephen Fry

Leaving Cert Religion. How to do well. Some hints and tips. 

We are familiar with most of these tips already. However it is an excellent document and good to reinforce concepts of good practice when studying LCRE. 

How to do well in LCRE 

Ref: Paul Mc Andrew 

The sense of the sacred in contemporary culture.

This question came up on the HL paper in both 2013 and 2007. It is often phrased as ‘Give two examples of the ways that an interest in spirituality can be seen in peoples lives today’

The sacred in the modern world, chapter 1. This is the first chapter of this book worth skimming over for a little extra.

An Aran Island Funeral. A description of the rituals and spirituality involved with a funeral on the Aran Islands.

An old (1986) RTE clip about pilgrimage to lough Derg

A more modern perspective. Why I go on pilgrimage.

A link to the Taize website

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#LCRE, Religion and the Search for Meaning in Our Lives.

Religion and the Search for Meaning in Our Lives Good podcast from BBC Radio 4

There is a deep human need to make sense of the world but do we really need religion? A Muslim, a Buddhist and a Humanist discuss belief and how it informs their lives. Guests: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Dharmachari Gujapati and Marilyn Mason.

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Search for meaning through Music, Art, Literature or Youth Culture.

Search For Meaning Through Music

Good Prezi to help with Essay number one ladies…

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The search for meaning and values by Eoin Cassidy  From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Eoin G. Cassidy looks at how we derive and process the great questions concerning the meaning of life at large and one’s own life in particular. This is excellent extra reading.

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