Pavee Lackeen and Winnie Maughan

Hi First years,

Following the DVD Pavee Lackeen which we watched in class this week. I did some research to answer some of your questions. Attached find an interview with Winnie Maughan and some background information on her life and the culture of the community from which she comes 🙂

Ms. Govern

Winnie Maughan

Interview with Winnie Maughan from Pavee Lackeen

CSPE…. All you need to know… well almost…

Hello third years…. Attached is almost everything you need to know for your CSPE junior cert exam… please keep in mind that this document is a few years old and so you need to be aware of changes in public representatives… For example the president of Ireland is not Mary Mc Aleese it is of course Michael D Higgins….. but you all knew that. right????

Happy revision folks 🙂

Ms Govern