Census 2016. Up to date Irish data: World Religions: Section C

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Follow the link for updated data on Religious belief’s In Ireland as answered in the 2016 census.

#LCRE Section C, World Religions; Religion and the Environment.

Christianity: beliefs about creation and evolution  Many of the world’s religions have ideas and beliefs about the origin of the universe, including people and animals. Usually these take the form of creation accounts in the sacred books of the religions concerned.

Islamic belief about the environment The Qur’an says that Allah (God) is the Creator of the world. Human beings are on the world as trustees or ‘viceregents’ – they are told to look after the world for Allah and for the future:

The Declaraton of a Global Ethic

There will be peace on earth when there is peace among the world religions.
“No world peace without peace among religions;
no peace among religions without dialog between religions.”

From “Global Responsibility,” a book by Hans Küng, Theologian

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JC Religion Journal 2017

As a group most of you have decided to do the following Journal Title. Focussing on the Ramadan in the Muslim faith.

2.c: A case study on the ways that a time of religious importance is marked each year by the members of one of the religions listed above.

I will post several links here over the coming weeks of clips and articles which you are required to watch or read as part of your research. This is extra work required on top of the work we do together in class. No slacking please 🙂

The following is a short RTE documentary on what Ramadan seems to Muslims living in Ireland.

RTE, Hungry for God.

Next is a version more suitable for primary school children but still valuable.

Ramadan for children

Ramadan_RS This is the power point we used in class.

_The_holy_month_of_Ramadan Second PPT that we used.