People in History essays: Junior Cert revision.

Ladies, here are the people in history essay revision guides I promised you.  They are broken into groups for you by year of study.  If I have forgotten any (and I am sure I have) just let me know.

Ms. Govern

First year:

  • Archaeologist:

Archeologist on a dig


  • Ancient Ireland:

A monk in an early Christian monastery in Ireland


  • Ancient Rome:


A person living in a NAMED civilisation OUTSIDE of Ireland


  • The Middle Ages:

A knight in a medieval castle.

A Medieval Craftsman

The lord or lady of a medieval castle.

Serf on a Manor


  • The Renaissance:

A named Renaissance scientist

A named Renaissance artist from outside Italy

A named Renaissance artist from Italy

A named Rennaissance Writer


Second Year

  • Age of Exploration:

A named leader on a voyage of exploration

A sailor on a voyage of discovery


  • Reformation:

A named religious reformer (at the time of the Reformation)


  • The Plantations:

A settler who received land in a named plantation

A native Irish landowner who lost land in a named plantation


  • The Age of Revolutions:

A named leader in a revolution – Wolfe Tone

A named leader in a revolution – George Washington


  • From farm to Factory:

A factory or mine owner during the Industrial Revolution

A farm labourer in industrial England

A worker in an English city in 1850


Third Year

  • Political Developments in 20th Century Ireland

A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland, 1960-85

A named leader in the struggle for Irish independence. Micheal Collins

A Unionist living in Ulster around 1912

A person living in Southern or Northern Ireland during the war years


  • Social Change in 20th Century Ireland:

An old person describing change in Ireland


  • International Relations in the 20th Century:

A soldier in World War II specifically D Day.